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Elite Finance Forex Ltd.

About US

Combining our decades of experience as offering private fund management services, and more than 7 years of experience in financial quantitative analytics and trading with cutting edge new technology, Elitefinfx is positioned to be the next leader in financial markets. By eliminating middlemen, Elitefinfx trade Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and other financial markets in a frictionless, permission less manner. Blockchain technology and advanced AI-matching system are just a sample of the advanced features giving Elitefinfx a cutting edge over existing service providers. With fast transactions, no lengthy registration processes, and the transparency of the blockchain, Elitefinfx is bringing financial markets to the future.

Elitefinfx is made possible by Elitefinfx, our proprietary ERC-20 token. Elitefinfx powers smart-contracts under the hood of the Elitefinfx exchange, and is required for every transaction on the network.

Vision & Mission

Our investment approach is driven by a combination of fundamental research, advanced market analysis, revolutionary technology platform and a persistent drive to excel on behalf our investors. We enjoy good reputation in the industry by delivering our client s with consistently dependable fund management services. We have established our credibility in the industry by offering our customers with transparent and honest services.

Elite Finance Forex Limited manages funds for thousands of customers from all over the world. Elite Finance Forex Limited enjoys the highest rate of client satisfaction in the industry. Our team execute various trading strategies in cryptocurrencies, futures, FX, options and commodities on over two hundred market centers around the world. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every client's investment brings about steady return. Principal of our team is development of revolutionary technology, designed to automate market making and post-trade activities to accumulate large profits over times.

Elite Finance Forex Limited takes pride in being one of the fastest growing fund management service providers. We are a highly professional yet friendly team of managed fund services Company. You will find it very easy to interact with our efficient team. We have set up an impeccable communication system that allows you to interact with our team in the most efficient way. You can confidently entrust your funds to Elite Finance Forex Limited and know that our experts will make your funds work harder for you and get excellent returns. Our positive reputation is your insurance, we will never do anything that will subject our hard earned reputation to Risk. Our mission in fact is becoming the most reputed and the most trusted managed funds Service provider in the industry. We have already taken great strides in this direction, we assure you that we will serve you with the best of our abilities and make your funds grow steadily.

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Elitefinfx is a leading online trading platform for the next generation of trader and investor. Our Popular Investors are a new breed of portfolio manager: traders with unique investment strategies who earn a second income by being followed and copied by other clients on the Elitefinfx platform. If you think you can become a Popular Investor, join the program and get paid when people copy your investment path.

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Trade Forex, Options, and Cryptocurrencies

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Frequency Asked Questions

    01. Is EFX2.IO A Global Forex Trader?

    Yes EFX2.Io is a 100 % global leading online FX trading platform for the next generation of traders and investors

    02. What Is EFX Coin And The Technology Behind It?

    EFX Token is based on ERC-20 Technology !

    It's a new type of digital money created using ERC 20 blockchain technology which is a major breakthrough in decentralizing financial transactions and in revolutionizing the global Exchanges and trading system.

    03. How Is Price Of EFX Coin Calculated?

    Price Of EFX Coin is calculated using a complex mathematical formula which involves our total supply , our circulating supply , daily withdrawls , daily trading profits and total amount in active trades !

    04. How Will Price Of EFX Coin Increase?

    We have a fast growing userbase from 100+ countries around the world growing everyday and since EFX coin cannot be bought but rather only earned via daily passive profits and team building commissions , hence its but obvious that supply will reduce daily and demand will increase everyday leading to price increase over a period of time !

    05. What Is The Expected Price of EFX Coin In next 12 Months lets Say?

    While we don't promise that we will suddenly 100x as we don't believe in fake price increase but you will be able to see a gradual price increase over a period of time for sure

    That's all we can say and are allowed to say legally !

    06. How EFX Coin System Actually Works?

    The EFX Coin cryptocurrency system is a peer-to-peer network.

    There is no server for this network and this network type does not rank the priority of connected computers.

    Every computer (which is called a "peer") has equal rights to work on the network and operates as both a server & a client.

    The transfer of EFX Token is convenient and easy.

    The money transfer can occur anywhere in the world, within a matter of minutes, and the only requirement to send or receive EFX Token is an internet connection.

    Moreover, EFX Token's transfer fee is much less than the transfer fee of banks and many other money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram, etc...

    No bank teller or middleman are required for processing EFX Token transactions.

    These transactions are processed automatically based on confirmations from "peer" computers in the network.

    07. How Transactions Are Made In EFX2.0?

    The transactions In EFX2.0 are safe and anonymous. Wallet addresses (same as a bank account number) and all transactions are only created, checked, and stored inside the blockchain.

    Blockchain database is encrypted with the most advanced technology, backed-up and synced automatically into every "peer" computer in the network.

    New wallet addresses are created every few hours and old wallet addresses are hidden automatically; only the wallet holder and person sending EFX2.0 to the wallet address will know what transactions have taken place.

    08. What Is The Minimum Investment Amount And Maximum Investment Amount?

    Minimum Investment is $100 and Maximum investment per person per account is $100,000

    09. Is there any lock in period for my investment?

    Every investment in EFX2.Io generates monthly profits of 10 to 15 % a month based on your investment pack and pays till your investment hits 300 % and then expires !

    So example you start with $1000 , you will get 12 % a month till you hit `$3000 and then your investment will expire

    This 300 % is a combination of passive profits and team building commissions

    Total profits should be 300 %

    So for some users their investments will expire may be in a day also if they making lot of team building commisions and they must repurchase a similar or higher pack for profits to continue and for some users who are just passive investors and not team builders , it will take upto 2.5 years approx for investment to expire

    10. Can I Make team Building Commissions Even If I Have Not Invested Anything?

    No You must have a minimum investment of $100 to earn team building commissions

    11. What's The Minimum Withdrawl amount?

    Minimum withdrawl amount is $50

    12. Is their any withdrawl fees and if yes how much it is?

    Yes there is a withdrawl fees and it depends on the frequency of your withdrawls

    Monthly once withdrawls are 3 % , weekly withdrawls are 10 % and 15 % if done daily

    13. When I Make A Withdrawl , How Soon Can I Expect My Funds To Reach My Bitcoin Wallet?

    Withdrawls are processed once a day monday to friday and can take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours to reach your wallet

    14. How are withdrawls paid?

    All withdrawls are processed in bitcoin and paid directly in your BTC address

    Whenever you make any withdrawl , we convert your balance in USD and convert into BTC using the price of BTC-USD at that point in time

    15. What Is Binary Qualified?

    To qualify for team building binary commissions , you must have a personally sponsored member at minimum $100 pack on left side and a personally sponsored member at $100 pack minimum on right side

    16. Do I get commissions for binary qualifying sales?

    No you dont get binary commissions on your first personal A And B which act as your qualification sale but you do earn direct referral commissions of upto 7 % on them

    17. Can I Purchase EFX Coins In Any Way?

    As A Company we will never sell EFX coins and only way to earn EFX coins is through passive profits from Forex investment and your network commissions !

    18. Is this a global business?

    yes this is a global business and members from all countries are welcome to participate

    19. Can I deposit funds in other ways except BTC?

    No at this point in time we only use BTC for both deposits and withdrawls

    In future if we make other options possible , we will let all users know

    20. Can I Transfer EFX Coins from My Wallet to other members Wallet?

    Yes you can transfer EFx coins member to member at 1 % transfer Fees !

    Minimum amount to transfer should be $50 USD which at launch price is 500 coins !

    As the coin price will increase , the minimum coins required per transfer will become less

    21. What happens when my account hits 300 % profits?

    Moment your account hits 300 % profits ( combination of passive FX profits and team building commissions ) , your investment expires and your earnings stop !

    For your earnings to continue , you must make a purchase again of same package or upgrade to higher package !

    22. Can I purchase a lower package than the package with which I started with?

    No you cannot purchase a lower package !

    So example if you start with $250 , you can total earn $750 and then your investment expires !

    For your profits to continue , you must purchase $250 package again or upgrade to $500 or higher package !

    23. What Happens to my sales volume in powerleg in Binary? Does it gets flushed daily?

    Everyday once we match the sales volume on your left and right and pay you your binary commissions upto maximum of your package amount !

    Any extra sales volume which is unmatched on yoru power leg , gets carry fwd to the next day !

    So we never flush any extra volume on your power leg

    24. Do I get same referral commissions on first purchase and future purchases / upgrades of my direct referrals?

    You get upto 8 % referral commissions maximum on first purchase of your direct referrals and upto 4 % on all future upgrades of your direct referral !

    25. Do I get same Binary Points for matching on first purchase and future purchase/upgrades of my whole team?

    You get full binary points of all first purchases made in your network and for all future purchases/upgrades within same account - you get 50 % Pv of the upgrade amount !

    So Example if anyone in your team at any level buys lets say a $500 package for the first time you get 500 PV In Binary !

    However when that person upgrades to a higher package or repurchases same $500 package becuase his/her account hits 300 % profits , you get 50 % PV of the upgrade amount !

    So If A person upgrades from $500 to $1,000 package , you get 250 PV's !